Cyrus "Silt" Read

Second Story Criminal


An average heighted and thin younger man. With cautious eyes and a forgettable face framed by tousled brown hair.


Orphaned at a very young age in a coastal town in Espana, Cyrus was drafted into the criminal world by an older man who knew one day his own hands wouldn’t be able to pick a lock or swipe a wallet.

Cyrus only know his name because of the note left with him when he was abandoned. The note simply said “I’m sorry ~Mom” on one side and his full name on the other. The old man recognized the tattoo on Cyrus’ wrist and knew he needed to hide his name. Because he was found covered in mud and dirt he was given the name Silt.

He spent his whole life learning how to live off the affluent people in the world, to take what he needed and wanted. Learning everything the old man could tell him Silt became a very competent criminal working on crews that stole from houses.

Cyrus "Silt" Read

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