Federico Saldañas


Federico is a tall, handsome man with shoulder length hair, often tied in a ponytail. He has a short, well trimmed beard


“Federico? Yeah I know him. Better than most probably. Where he comes from… now that’s an interesting question… really it depends on who you ask. ‘His mother was a mermaid,’ ‘he was trained by the best swordsman in all of España.’ JA! One idiota even tried to tell me that his father was the maldito Emperor of Integretus! But if you ask me, Federico is just an average guy, born right here in España. One day, he got bored and decided to make a name for himself. Lucky for us, he’s on our side. And lucky for him, he’s pretty good with a sword.”

-Domingo, Bartender

Federico’s life, up until he started working with the Paramilitarios, was rather uninteresting. One day, he showed up with valuable information that led to a decisive victory, which firmly placed control of an important border town in the hands of the rebels. Ever since then, he’s been invaluable to the war effort.

Federico Saldañas

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