Decius Marius Caecus

Sorcerer and Archaeologist


Full head of brown hair and a sparse beard, dark brown eyes. Slender but fit body. Armed with musket and cutlass. Dressed in an well maintained over coat and pants.


Decius Marius Caecus was born 25 years ago to Marcus Marius Caecus and Axia Caeca in the Integritas Empire. His first few years were good ones. He had an much older brother (Gallus), and soon a younger sister (Maria) by the time he was two. His father was a captain in the military. He was in charge of a branch of procurement and development. The beginning of the tumult in Decius’s life began when his father discovered a book in storage in a dusty warehouse. This book was first obtained by the military at one of the “old sites”, one of those places were the ancient world of magic pokes into the present with it’s old artifacts and writings. The Fundamentalists normally destroy these sites, but somehow this book was put in storage, and Decius’s father found it.

This book was an accounting of how things were. It showed a much better world they which they currently lived. It showed the lies that were told to the people of Integrity. It showed that magic was not evil, that in fact, it was a source of wonder and power, and could be used for great good. Marcus studied this book, and came to the conclusion that Integritas must change, and throw off it’s oppressive beliefs and policies. He knew this could not happen from within though, not at this time. Therefore he gathered up when secrets he could of the weapons he had access to, and with he family, fled the country.

This was a terrible time for Decius. He had just turned six when his father brought his family to the ship in the middle of the night and they set off. It was rough, moving at night, changing ships in every port. They were in constant fear of the Auctoritate Emundari (secret police) finding them. At one point, as they were fleeing on another ship, they were found, and gun fire was unleashed on them. Decius’ father was injured, but worse, his brother was killed. It’s a day stained in Decius’ mind.

Eventually, they made it to Espania, and found sanctuary. In fact, they were quite welcomed, give the military secrets they brought. Life got better then. They accepted. Decius’s father got a position in the government of Espania, and they lived well. Except for the threat of strikes from the Fundamentalists. Security was kept high, and several attempts on Marcus’s life were thwarted. To this day, Decius’s family continues to live carefully, and vigilantly, always aware they are targets.

Soon after they were settled in Espania, Marcus’s enrolled Decius’s in the greatest magic academy in the world, The Academy of Rebirth founded by Ayrid himself (I wonder if this is general knowledge, or just known among the scholarly). He wanted his son to break the reins of the Fundamentalists on his mind, so he sent them to study the thing they revile. Decius enjoyed it. And he had talent. And a great interest in what came before. He got to study the book his father found that change their lives. And he knew he would spend his life finding out more about how things were, and using that to make things better now. And to avoid, and eventually destroy, the Fundamentalist.

In his later years at the Academy, Decius’ studied under the renowned artificer and archeologist Byron Harmon. Harmon taught Decius the craft of ancient studies, as well a great deal about sorcery. Decius’s father also made sure Decius knew how to defend himself in a more mundane way, teaching him marksmanship, as well as swordplay.

After getting first hand experience at an excavation under his mentor, Decius soon graduated, and was on his own, looking forward to new discoveries he might make, and looking back to make sure no one was after him.

Decius Marius Caecus

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