Smoke and Sails

Game 3

The group decides to head to the ruin rather than fight a hopeless fight against monsters that ate a ships worth of men. Even if it they may contain our prize. In the direction we head Y'ks warns of cannibals who beat drums and hunt; they are called the Nukekubi.  We hear the drums but still head towards it, hoping to skirt the village and make way to the ruins.

As we make  the tree line a giant lizard attacks. It charges from so far off and Decius shoots it's tail clean off! It retreats into the jungle and we gave chase. Taking us further away from the ruins. Finding it dying in a cave with two more like it consuming it as it dies.

We ambush the lizards and finish what we started.  Rico carves the bodies and finds no sign of the artifact. In fact he finds no contents at all.  Rico and Decius search the feces of the den and finally find our prize! A small onyx rod studded with rubies that radiates sorceress power.

Large primates come in the night and set shifts as they feed on the corpses of the lizards.  We hide in a tree hollow until morning. When day breaks we make a break back towards the volcano. Decius nearly falls into a pit trap set by the primates, letting on they may be smarter than mere apes.

Y'ks finally lets on the cannibals can be night and day. The new information has put Rico on edge. We resolve to head further, towards the ruins.


JustinNelson TheTrevTrev

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