Smoke and Sails

Game 2

Decius took control of a leathery winged reptile and scouted a village and a trail into the woods,  and a distant volcano. The group decided to follow the tracks and rescue Y'ks.  Sneaking by more reptilian creatures  of various make and  model they made their way along the trail towards the volcano.

Spending the night in a hollowed log the group took turns watching out. On the final shift a hungry large spikeshelled reptile munched some berries. Thr group ventured forth and came upon a field of  sweet smelling flowers. Silt, so entranced by the smell almost shoved his head in to the gaping maw of the hungry, meat eating plants. Saved narrowly by 'Rico who made a very solid pun!

Further past these horrible horticulture they group found foul beasts the size of ostriches covered in black feathers. A fight ensued in which a monstrous bird-like creature summoned forth from Silt  engaged in battle alongside the group. It sustained some damage but held it's own as  combatative part of the group. Killing 2 and driving off 2 other the group was victorious.

Silt destroyed the 3 eggs left behind by piercing the bottom and replacing them in the spot they were left.  Finally making it to the volcano the group found a destroyed camp outside a cave leading further in to the fire mountain. A raucus noise in the forest that shook the ground and the trees drove us inside the cave. Descending deeper in they found Y'ks cowering amongst the magma, he told us the kidnappers were all dead or at least assumed so.

He also said the captain has taken a treasure from him, a black rod of indiscernible power. The group resolved to recover the rod and are debating looking for further treasure.


Good job Trevor.

Game 2
JustinNelson TheTrevTrev

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