Smoke and Sails

Game 1

Silt and Decius were hired by Frederico to aid the Espania gov't investigate possible treasure.  The chartered a boat with Cpt. Gruxxasharz (Grue) to the island of Skisgaard aboard his ship The Lizards Talon.  We found King Ratuk of the town Tallis, who told us our contact Y'ks has been missing for weeks.  His servant/slave informed us humans stole him away.  We asked Grue to assist using chasing him down in an uncharted island 2 weeks off the eastern shore of Skisgaard.

When we arrived at the island we noticed signs of monstrous activity in the area and a spookily empty war ship. Grue was convinced to stay offshore and wait a maximum of 2 weeks. Deciphering the journal of the empty warship Decius, we determined the captain was a magic user who works within Integritis called an "Unclean."


JustinNelson TheTrevTrev

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